After these cold months, spring is finally here. With most people diving into spring cleaning their homes, I’m diving into refreshing my skincare routine.

I’ve been wanting to update my skincare products and routine lately and figured now was more than a perfect time. With winter wreaking havoc on my skin I knew I was going to need products that hydrate my skin and give it that extra TLC it needs. I also wanted to make sure that the products I invested in were good for my skin as well.

That brought me to finding LOLI. LOLI prides itself on quality organic ingredients that bring us closer to nature. Not only is LOLI good for my skin but they are also doing their part to be good for our planet with earth friendly packaging.

I’m almost positive you’ll love these LOLI products just as much as I have and if you do, I’d love for you to get the items you love right here on this post! I have this new commerce tool by Fermat Commerce which allows you to buy products without leaving my page. I think it’s pretty convenient, check it out below! You’ll also get 15% off + FREE 2 day shipping by shopping directly through this post!

Now, let’s get into the good stuff. I talked about needing products that hydrate my skin right? Well let me tell you more about them. So far I’ve been able to try the Date Nut Brulee, Chamomile Lavender Tonic, and Plum Elixir. 


The Date Nut Brulee has to be one of my favorite products as it truly is a multi use product. I’ve been able to use this as a great oil based cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and grim after a long day to then also be able to use it as a moisturizer for those extra dry areas like my lips or elbow.

Now, the Chamomile Lavender Tonic is a great two in one product that allows me to cleanse and tone my skin. As a busy mom I often rushed for time so this is a great product to have on hand. 


Lastly, my holy grail, the Plum Elixir is literally magic in a bottle. No wonder this is their #1 best selling product. Whether it’s my dry skin, lips, or hair, this elixir is my saving grace. It instantly hydrates without leaving me super oily and works perfect for my sensitive skin.

If I haven’t convinced you already to do a spring refresh for your beauty and skincare products. I hope that when you do, you consider LOLI. Their multi use products and attention to clean ingredients make them a new staple on my beauty counter.