There are a lot of bloggers and influencers out there. Here are my favorite 5 women influencers of color that you should be following!

The influencing/blogging world isn’t as big as you may think. Yea there are A LOT of us, but you’d be surprised how connected we all are. Someone you follow, follows someone else, who follows another person, who follows you. During my 9 months of “influencing” I have been inspired by some of the most radiant, beautiful, and well….down right inspiring women. I have looked to each of these women for many different things when creating and growing my brand and although some may not know who the hell I am lol. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite influencers, bloggers, and vloggers.

5 Women Influencers of Color I Love

Shay, Nikki, Meghan, & Brandy @influencingincolor

2019’s Trendsetters of the Year! These four women are fashion and squad goals. They are breaking barriers in fashion and are such an inspiration. I love how different each of their styles are yet they flow seamlessly together. They are a powerhouse and I promise you if you don’t know them already you are definitely missing out. Check out their liketoknowit for more fashion inspo!

Taryn Newton @tarynnewton

One of my favorite local bloggers…she is who I want to be in the next 8 years minus all the boys haha. She is a wife, momma of 3 plus 1 on the way, works full time in corporate america, and runs her blog FULL TIME. I have no idea how she does it but it is beyond inspiring. She keeps it very real on her Insta and her blog has so many amazing resources. If you aren’t following her you need to be! 

Kimberly @mommyhoodjoy

One of the very first motherhood bloggers I ever followed because her daughters were the absolute cutest and because I felt that I could relate to her. She’s Hispanic, around the same age as me, currently in grad school, and not married…which won’t be for long since she recently got engaged. She shares the good and ugly about motherhood and all things target! Not only is she an influencer but she is on youtube and has her own blog so check her out for all the cuteness!

I met Candice at Social Media Week in ATX and she is such a radiant woman! She’s so full of positive energy and someone I truly enjoyed being around the short time I was with her. Each one of her posts will put a smile on your face and brighten your day; one of the many reasons I love following her! A Texas local and San Antonio’s Fashion Blogger of the Year, she boasts body positivity and inclusivity with her amazing fashion style! You can check out her blog here.

Trinity Sierra @trinitysierra

When I say a light, that is exactly what this woman is. She stays completely true to herself and her faith and does it so graciously. From motherhood to her marriage, to her faith she shares such honest content and is such an inspiration to so many women. She is one of the very few vloggers I actually watch so definitely check out her channel here.