So you’re here to learn about batch shooting. If you’ve been struggling to come up with content to post, don’t have enough hours in the day, or just simply lack motivation, batch shooting is something that can help! Here are my methods on how to batch shoot effectively to create content like a pro!

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What is Batch Shooting?

If you’re new to the whole blogging, influencing, content creation world, or even if you’ve been around for a little minute, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “Batch Shooting” and if you haven’t let me put you up on game.

To make things simple, batch shooting or to batch shoot is when you mass create content in a single day. This is done by taking photos, recording videos, or whatever your medium is and producing a lot of content in one sitting that can be used over a period of time. 

Check out my friends mini vlog on our most recent batch shoot!

Why Should I Batch Shoot?

Outside of blogging and influencing I work in higher education, I am a mother, I run the largest mom group in the DFW area, and I am in grad school. I simply do not have time in my day for blogging and influencing except for at night or early in the morning. So I have to be strategic in creating content. 

Batch shooting is the only way I can push out content as much as I do. You’re favorite bloggers, influencers, and content creators all batch shoot! Do you think we are sitting in our homes every day taking new picture? NO! We schedule days out of the month just for shooting just so we can get it all done and not have to worry about it later.

So if you’re anything like me with a plate full of other things to do and looking for a new way to create content and take some stress off yourself, look no further.

How to Batch Shoot Effectively to Create Content

I’m sure you’re thinking, “taking weeks worth of content in one day, whew that must be a lot”. And to be honest, my first attempt at batch shooting was a DISASTER, but after many more long and disorganized attempts of batch shooting I finally got the hang of it. Batch  shooting is honestly super easy and something I enjoy doing. It just takes some planning, organization, and a friend or tripod!

So here are my 5 ways on how to batch shoot effectively to create content!

1. Plan out your content

How will you know what you need to shoot if you don’t know what your content is? If you have sponsored projects coming up, or if you plan on posting about an upcoming holiday, now is the time to start looking up inspiration on how you want to shoot that content. Also, think of your niche to help you come up content ideas. For me personally I venture in fashion, motherhood, and well lifestyle haha. So I try to take basic, non themed photos so I can use them for just about anything. 

2. Set a date & time

Pick a date or two out of the month that you can dedicate solely to batch shooting. If you’re going to have a photographer, friend, or partner shoot your content, talk with them on what day and times work best and make arrangements.

For me personally, I batch shoot with my friend who is also a blogger/influencer in the same niche as me. This works best for us because our content is similar and we work together to get the best content. I also batch shoot with a photographer, but only when my budget allows it. 

I batch shoot on Sundays early in the morning. My friend and I chose Sundays because weekends are usually best for us since we work and we can always have our husband, boyfriend, or family member watch our little ones. We also like shooting in the morning because less people are out and about, which means less people ruining our shots. Plus, the lighting is better in the morning versus mid day when the sun is right above you. Talk about horrible shadows. 

3. Pick a location


Location is everything when batch shooting. Try to pick a location that has a ton of different areas that you could shoot at that are also walkable. When we pick a location, we look for areas that have cute murals, nice solid backgrounds from buildings, and even cute shops and restaurants. This way we can get a variety of shots all from one central location. 

Try and think of fun little areas around your city where you can go and batch shoot, maybe downtown, an arts district, or an outdoor shopping mall. 

You can also batch shoot in your home, my boyfriend is the king of shooting my content at home. From your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, front yard, and backyard. You have endless options if you aren’t able to leave home. Make sure to set up each area so that its perfect for when its time to shoot!

4. Plan your outfits

You have your date set and the location, so now you need to plan those outfits! Since I batch shoot twice a month I opt for 3-4 outfits each time I batch shoot. However, I also bring items like blazers, cardigans, and jackets to accessories like hats, purses, and sunglasses. This way I can maximize each outfit into multiple outfits. 

That way if I take one picture in a specific outfit with my hat and blazer, I can take another picture in same outfit without the hat and blazer, and maybe throw on a different jacket and some sunglasses and it’s a whole new look!

5. Take a ton of pictures

I hope this goes without saying but take a ton of pictures! Don’t just take one good picture in that outfit or with that background. Take a ton! I say that because you want to have a lot of options when you go back home and edit those photos. 

I don’t know how many times I thought the picture was good from looking at the tiny display on my camera and then when it came down to looking at it on my computer it was horrible. Luckily I had 10 more frames of the exact same shot that looked better. 

There are times where after I batch shoot I come home with upwards of 500 photos taken and I only come out with 10 good ones that I’ll even post. Imagine if I only took one or two pictures of each outfit or location. I would have nothing. 

Also, taking mass amounts of photos allows you to have options so you can use later. I know you see your favorite influencer post a photo and then two weeks later or maybe around the same time next year they post something that looks pretty similar. Well that’s all from batch shooting! And if your caption is relatable, it doesn’t matter how many times you repost the same outfit or shot location!

...but wait there’s more!

Now the 5 tips I gave about how to batch shoot are great when planning your shoot, but what about when the time actually comes. 

Here are some things you might want to invest in or think about bringing when batch shooting!

This right here is a game changer! If you plan on doing outfit changes you need this! Avoid changing in your car, or finding a business and using their dirty restrooms and get yourself a portable dressing room that you can pop up and change anywhere! 

These are a must!! Now most people who batch shoot take luggage or duffle bags to keep their clothes and accessories in but every time I did that my clothes ended up all over the place and all over my car. Having these organizers allow me to pack and separate my clothes by outfit. This is probably my most favorite item to have because I also use it when traveling!

Blotting tissues saves lives! I know there are a ton of brands that sell blotting tissues and powder, but this is honestly the best one around. Shooting content is hard work and you will work up a sweat and get a little oily. Instead of dabbing on more powder or slapping on more makeup (ew). Just grab a pack of these. Super inexpensive and work super well!

4. Toiletry bag

Just as I mentioned before, batch shooting is a lot of work. I always keep a little toiletry bag in my car just in case I need something like contact solution, tissues, or hand sanitizer. Throw some extra deodorant and some wipes in there too so you can freshen up between outfit changes.

5. More props

Accessories are always a fun prop, but take it up a notch and bring some extra things to  shoot content with based on the location you’re shooting at! This could be your laptop and bringing it to a coffee shop to get some cute content or maybe some fresh cut flowers to pose with outside. 

Props are always a fun way to add something different to your shots, and give you something else to talk about. Props are also a good way to help you when you have no idea how to pose or what to do with your hands when they’re empty. 

Remember, batch shooting makes things easier, but there is always a learning curve anytime you try something new. It took me a of couple times to get the hang of it, but now it’s something I love doing and can do it with ease. 

I hope this helps you in your content creation. Let me know below if you already batch shoot or if you’re planning on giving it a try!

With Love, Julianna