Welcome to my blog! If you made it this far, thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you for coming to see what With Love, Julianna is all about.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for over a year now since my daughter Jordyn was born. From being a first-time mother, going to grad school, working full-time, and running a “mother’s group“. I told myself I was too busy. Too busy to create and launch my blog, but not too busy to do everything I was already doing…where do they do that at?

To be real though, I was honestly scared. Scared of being vulnerable. Scared of sharing my personal experiences and opinions. Scared that nobody would read or care about what I had to say.

…but what changed?

I stopped caring about what others thought about me. I know I know, easier said than done. And believe me, it wasn’t some overnight change for me either, it took months. But during that time I realized that you waste a lot of energy worrying about what others think. Energy that I decided I wasn’t going to waste anymore. Have you tried raising a toddler…they need like all your energy? So over time I just stopped giving energy into the opinion of others and started riding my own wave.

So here I am, risking all of my fears and worries to bring you some amazing content. With Love, Julianna is not just a motherhood blog for moms. Motherhood is only a fraction of who I am. With Love, Julianna is a blog about life, families, some amazing recipes, and of course motherhood with some tips and tricks in there too. I may only be 26 years old, but I have lived a very full life so far and I am opening myself up to share it with you all.

I am so excited to go on this journey and I am excited for all of those who choose to tag along.

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Until my next blog post…

With Love, Julianna