I’ve often been asked how Josh and I met and how we got to where we are today. For those of you who don’t know us personally and even to those who do and care to hear our story, here is how we met and made it to 3 years. This isn’t some quick little story either. I’m taking it from the very beginning…you’ve been warned.

Our story starts long before we officially started dating in 2017. I met Josh during my freshman year of college at Texas Tech University while he was a sophomore. It was early in the fall semester of 2011 and my girlfriend Jasmine and I were hanging out with our friend Stephen in Bledsoe Hall, an all-male dorm. I don’t know why, but my girlfriend and I decided to go through the hall and knock on doors and introduce ourselves and make friends…thinking of that now, we were super annoying for that haha...anyways while knocking on doors we ended up knocking on the door where Josh lived. Josh answered the door and behind him was his friend Nick. Now I know yall are probably thinking it was a love at first sight type thing but na, it was very far from that. From what I remember we all exchanged a brief conversation about how nice of a smile my friend and I had as well as Nick, however, I totally dogged Josh because he didn’t have as nice of a smile. I know I know, a total mean girl move…sorry babe, but you know I love your smile.

Now throughout college Josh and I would always run into each other because we had a common group of friends. We never personally hung out together and if we did it was very rare. In my sophomore/junior year of college, I dated a guy within our common circle of friends and unbeknownst to me, Josh had a little thing for me which was shut down the moment he found out I had a boyfriend. During this time as well is when I became not so fond of Josh due to a situation that had occurred. Long story short, I let me guy friends use my car to go out to the club and Josh tagged along with them. The night ended with Josh driving my car home and in the midst of that he had sex with some random girl that night




To make matters worse, he left the condom in the backseat of my car and my boyfriend at the time found it and accused me of cheating. Yall when I tell you this was one of the craziest and wildest situations I’ve been apart of…I never thought I could forgive Josh, now look at us. Flash forward to my senior year of college, I had completely lost contact with Josh and was in a whole different relationship. I graduated from college in the summer of 2015 and moved on from my college life. It wasn’t until May of 2016 when I went back up to Tech to visit and I randomly saw Josh eating with his family celebrating his graduation. It was a quick hi & bye type situation and that was that. 

A couple months later while I was living my best life as a single woman in Houston, I was invited to go out to some clubs by my friend Nick and of course Josh was with him. I decided to go and we all had a really good time. That night was the start of something between Josh and I…

The thing was, Josh lived in Dallas, so although the frequent flirtatious snapchats and text messages back and forth were cool, Josh wanted to take me out on a real date to see how things would go. So he planned a date for us out in Houston. 

The day was here for our very first date and he texted me to let me know he was on his way down to Houston for our date. Four hours later he texted me that he made it safely, however, I never text him back. He texted me again telling me he was at the location for our date and asked where I was. I hesitated and ignored him for a couple minutes. A few more minutes pass and he called me asking if I was on my way…I told him I wouldn’t be able to make it and hung up. I stood him up. 

Yall I know I know what yall are thinking..“you don’t deserve him” “we were rooting for you”…Trust when I say I still feel terrible about it and Josh never lets me live it down. That moment was the end of our beginning.

We never spoke again after that. 

2017 came and I celebrated going into a new year with a whole different guy and he a whole different girl. It was like we totally forgot about each other. Until…I sent him a random snap. You know those ones where you just want to see if they will respond. 

Well…he responded.

We talked all night like nothing happened. Then we made plans to redo our first date for the weekend of the superbowl since it was in Houston that year. 

He drove down from Dallas again. This time he picked me up (probably to make sure I wouldn’t flake on him again) and we had an amazing first date. I did a lot of firsts with him on that date like sing karaoke in front of a crowd and ride a mechanical bull. It was THE best date I had ever been on. It made me regret standing him up the first time knowing I had missed out on such a great guy.

After that date we were inseparable. Almost every weekend we were visiting each other and spending as much time as possible with one another. A little more than a month later Josh asked me to be his girlfriend. Once that happened I felt like our relationship zoomed off. 

Next thing you know, due to unforeseen circumstances after the huge hurricane devastated Houston, I moved to Dallas and moved in with Josh in August. Not even four months later I got pregnant with Jordy. The next nine months were the longest and most trying months. Not so much for our relationship but for me and my emotional and mental health…(another story for another time). I would have never imagined our relationship to start or look how it did. We were only dating for nine months before I got pregnant. I had a lot of feelings of shame, regret, and confusion. But Josh was always the light in everything that I thought was bad. If I didn’t know before that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, this was that time. 

In August of 2018, we had our daughter Jordyn. With a new baby comes its own set of new challenges. As we were learning to be parents we were also learning about each other. It was a bit of a struggle, there were arguments and pettiness, but our love, faith, and support of our families allowed us to overcome our differences and grow stronger. 

Those first 18 months instilled so many lessons for us that we’ve been able to use during the last 18 months of our relationship and is what I credit to the success of our relationship thus far.

I’m not going to lie the beginning of our story isn’t picture perfect. From doing the nasty with some other girl in my car to standing him up on our first date, to getting pregnant within nine months of dating. We’ve had our ups and our downs, but we’ve always been able to put our relationship first and make it work. No relationship is perfect. I’d be lying if I said ours was. This wasn’t how we imagined it, trust me, we wanted to do things “the right way”, but this is the beautiful path we are on and I wouldn’t change it for a second. 

Three years and a baby later.