If you’re following me on Instagram, you know skirts have been my favorite clothing item this year. I’ve been able to effortlessly style my skirts so that I can wear them multiple ways to make different outfits. From casual to chic and everything in between, I’ll teach you 7 different ways to wear a skirt! 

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All About Wearing a Skirt

Skirts are such a versatile clothing item. I am a firm believer that you can take one skirt and make several different outfits and wear them in many ways. Skirts can be worn casually or dressed up. They can be worn in the spring or in the fall, or even with sneakers or heels. The possibilities are endless!

So let me cut the chit chat and get to why you clicked on this post. Here are my most favorite ways to wear skirts. 

7 Ways to Wear a Skirt

#1 With a Solid T-Shirt

This happens to be the easiest way to wear a skirt and probably my most frequent way of wearing one. Simple yet chic! I love buying skirts with prints and the best way to show off that cute skirt is with a plain tee! You can tuck it in or tie a little knot in the front. Pair this with some cute earring and a purse and you’re good to go!

#2 With a Matching Set

Excuse me for a second but someone call my grandma because I’m feeling como una verdadero cubana here and I’m loving it.

Anyways yall, a matching skirt set is the way to go! I don’t know what rock I’ve been hiding under but I wish I was wearing this so much sooner! I also love the versatility of a matching set because you can mix and match with different tops and bottoms and have endless outfit options. Dress this up with heels or even some sandals or white sneakers to make it more casual. 

#3 With a Statement Shirt

Very similar to option #1, but it deserves its own spot. I love this way to wear a skirt because your skirt isn’t the statement piece, your shirt is. Whether you want to wear a bold animal print or pair it with your favorite graphic or band shirt. You could style this with your favorite sneakers, sandals, or wedges. It’ll just depend on how casual or dressy the statement top is. 

#4 With a Crop Top

Summer vibes here we come! This option is a new one for me. I’m not big on crop tops, but with a skirt yall, it’s a match made in heaven. Pair this with some heels or sandals if you’re going for a more dressy vibe and some cute earrings. 

#5 With a Sweater

Now I wouldn’t recommend this style in the summer, but for early spring and fall this is a MUST! With slightly cooler temps you can totally get away with wearing a cute sweater tucked into your skirt. I feel an accordion-style skirt works best for this option with a nice belt paired with some cute sneakers for a casual look or heels for a more polished look. 

#6 With a Jean Jacket

Something about a jean jacket that pulls a whole outfit together. Whether you want to look a little classy or super casual it can work both ways. Here I am wearing it with a solid white tee and both a patterned skirt and an accordion skirt. The choices are limitless!

#7 With a Long Sleeve Button-Up

This is one of my favorite ways to style a skirt for work! Whether you want to go the denim route our a white button-up, you can’t go wrong. Feel free to tie it up or tuck it in for a more professional look. This style is super classic and can be paired with flats, heels, or even sneakers.

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