Pinterest is one of the largest online resources for just about everything. Learn how to increase traffic to your blog with Pinterest by growing your monthly views. Why you Should Utilize Pinterest If you follow me on Instagram you saw how I grew my monthly views on Pinterest K in less that 3 days. In the next days leading up to writing this post I’ve grown even more. I did all this growth just by following some simple steps.Like many of you, I have had a Pinterest account for several years and used it for finding inspiration for outfits, recipes, home decor, and so much more. I never really thought of Pinterest being anything more than just that. But y’all, Pinterest is the goat for anyone who has a blog or website. It took me a little while to realize that but after clicking on sooo many pins and it routing me to someone else’s blog and online store, I realized that I should be doing the same thing. Just think about it, you spend x amount of time on Pinterest looking at different pins, saving them, and clicking on the links that take yout to a blog or website. Each time you save a pin, it boosts engagement on the original pinner’s page. Everytime you click on the link from a pin, it increases that pinner’s site views for their blog or website. These actions are boosting their analytics which makes them gain more traffic and increase their opportunity to work with brands later.So after some heavy research and testing and trying out different methods to increase my monthly views and link clinks I found a way to do just that! How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog & Boost Your Monthly Views Here are my steps for increasing your monthly pinterest views and link clicks so you can increase traffic to your blog! Create a Business Account If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to create a free business account on Pinterest. If you already have a personal Pinterest account you can add a business account to your profile. By doing this, your personal account and business account will be seperate but utilize the same log in. This is also a great feature because you can always toggle back and forth between your personal and business account without mixing up your pins and boards and having to log in and out of each account!For detailed steps on creating your business account click here! Claim Your Website and SM Accounts Claiming your website is such an integral step in this process. By claiming your website, you will then have access to view your analytics as well as have your website linked to all your posts. Not only can you claim your website, but you can also claim your Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube accounts.I love claiming my Instagram because everytime I post to IG, it automatically creates a pin for that post! It takes all the work out of it! You can also get your blog posts to automatically post to Pinterest as well. However, I prefer to make pins for each of my blog posts on my own!Click here for steps on claiming your website and social media accounts! Organize Your Pins With Boards & Sections I know I said claiming your website was the most important step…but this is also a very important step.ORGANIZE YOUR BOARDS & PINS PEOPLE!Disorganized boards are chaotic and leave your followers and viewers confused. Create multiple boards on Pinterest based on your niche. If you want to get even more organized create sections within your boards.For example my niche is motherhood & lifestyle. I have seperate boards for recipes, fashion, motherhood, and decor. I also take it a step further and have sections within my boards for further organization. My recipe board has sections for Instant Pot recipes, crock pot recipes, and desserts. My decor board has sections for home, bathroom, and bedroom decor. By having sections your viewers are able to find more specific pins.Take a look at how I organize my Pinterest here! Pin & Pin & Pin Some More The most obvious step, but the most forgotten. PIN!Pinning is essential in Pinterest. It’s the whole point of it actually. You don’t have to spend hours doing this, but just set aside a couple of minutes every day just to pin and repin!I pin every morning and evening for about 5-10 minutes. It’s important to pin a variety of things within your niche so your viewers can see different things from you. It’s also important for you to do this frequently so your pins get viewed more which in turn increases your monthly views and increases traffic to your website. Create A Variety of Your Own Pins Make sure you create your own pins as well, whether its pictures from your Instagram or your blog posts. Your boards should have a healthy mixture of your own pins and others! This may sound extra, but for every blog post or website page you should create 2-3 different pins. Creating multiple pins for the same link increases the likelyhood of your pin being seen.  Another tip is to use different images and titles for the pins with the same link. That way there are a variety of keywords in your pins that are searchable and so your viewers won’t be overwhelmed with seeing the exact same pin over and over again. For this blog post alone I have 4 different pins created with completely different images and titles.  My go to app/site for creating pins is canva! Engage With Others Make sure to follow other pinners. Collaboration over competition all day every day!When ever you come across a pin that you absolutely love, follow that pinner and pin several of their pins as long it relates to your niche. More often than not, they will follow you back and pin your stuff too! Also make sure to do this with pinners who are on the same level as you in regard to monthly views as well as those above and below you.Share the wealth! We can all thrive if we help each other! Have Fun! Last, but certainly not least, JUST HAVE FUN.Don’t work yourself up on getting a high amount of views and traffic overnight. It takes time and patience. If you follow these steps, I’m sure you wont have any issues getting views and traffic, but every account is different.Over time you will find out which boards and pins are doing better than others and you can adjust from there. I hope this helps you in your Pinterest journey! Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful! Also feel free to give me a follow on my Pinterest if you haven’t already by clicking here!With Love, Julianna